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Grande Limits of Bluefin Tuna Wrap-up Report

30 anglers: 1.5 day trip, LIMITS of BLUEFIN TUNA and 2 Yellowtail.  Next departures: 
Bluefin Tuna 
Sunday night to fish Monday, return Tuesday morning. (Needs a few more to go) Tuesday night to fish Wednesday, return Thursday morning. (Definite go!) Limited to 30 anglers at $395 each. 

To get in on the action, call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 or Book Online Here.

Tribute Limits of Bluefin Tuna and More

Tribute Sportfishing

Limits of bluefin and 3 very nice yellowtail for our 1.5 day trip to the bank! Bluefin ranged from 30- 90 lbs! 90% of what was hooked was on 30-60 lb flyline setups.
Bluefin Tuna

Their next available trip is Monday, September 27th.

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Pacific Islander Wrap-Up Report

Pacific Islander

The Pacific Islander returned from a 2.5-Day trip with 55 bluefin tuna, 3 yellowtail, 1 yellowfin tuna for their 16 anglers.Bluefin Tuna

The next chance to jump on the boat is Sunday night for a 1.5-day trip.

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Old Glory Good Times, 2-Day Wrap-up Report

Well Junior finished up our first two day trip with 75 bluefin tuna up to 180 pounds, 2 yellowfin tuna and 5 slob yellowtail. The fishing was hot on the bank and the big boys bit at night. Our next two day trip is on Monday the 27th departing H&M landing at 7 pm. We are running for sure with only 7 people as we speak and this trip will be our last open party two day trip until Monday October the 11th. We do have some open party one days coming up with some room on them also. We hope to see you on the boat. I don't have any pictures from this trip yet so I will throw in an oldie.Bluefin Tuna


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H&M Landing Wrap-Up Report, Ken Is Live

H&M Landing

Ken is live from H&M Landing with today's counts and their latest trip information. The Old Glory with 30 anglers on a 2-Day caught 75 bluefin tuna, 5 yellowtail, and 2 yellowfin tuna. The Grande with 30 anglers on a 1.5-Day caught 60 bluefin tuna, and 2 yellowtail. The Poseidon with 23 anglers on a 2.5-Day caught 46 bluefin tuna, and 15 yellowfin tuna. The Premier with 29 anglers on a 1/2 Day caught 48 rockfish, 35 sculpin, 8 sheephead, and 5 calico bass. Ken has the full current report for you below, listen in.

They have a variety of trips going daily, check below.

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Grande Good Day So Far, Bluefin Tuna

Capt. Alec checked in at 5pm with 55 Bluefin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail so far on our 1.5 day trip. That’s just 5 bluefin shy of limits for the 30 anglers and there’s still a couple hours left to fish!Bluefin Tuna 
Our next 1.5 day trip is departing this Sunday night, September 26th at 7pm. 

To get in on the action, call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 or Book Online Here.

Constitution Awesome Bluefin Action, Steve Is Live

Constitution Sportfishing

Steve is live from the Consitution out of H&M Landing with the latest. They're finishing up an awesome day of bluefin fishing, catching limits of bluefin in the 40-80lbs range. Steve has the full report below.Bluefin Tuna

1 spot left for Sep 30th 2.5-day
1 spot left for Oct 10th 1.75-day
22 spots left for Oct 19th 1.5-day

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Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Wrap-Up Report

Marina del Ray SportfishingMarina Del Rey Sportfishing calling in with the latest. They had 3 trips return with 185 rockfish, 165 sculpin, 54 whitefish, 9 bonito, 8 calico bass, 2 lingcod, and 2 sand bass.

Trips go daily, including 1/2-day, 3/4-day & twilight trips!

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Pursuit Yellows, Bass, Bonito & More, Gus Is Live

Pursuit Sportfishing

Gus is live for the Pursuit out of 22nd Street Sportfishing with the latest. Despite the rough conditions, they ended up with 3 yellowtail, along with some bass, bonito, barracuda, whitefish, and more. Gus has the full current report for you below, listen in.Yellowtail

Online with room for you tomorrow.

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Freelance Nice Grade Yellowtail & More, Nick Is Live

Nick is live from the Freelance out of Davey's Locker Newport Landing with the latest. They got lucky at the islands today and found some nice grade yellowtail that wanted to bite. They put on a good show and were able to get 6 out of around 20 they hooked. Nick has the full report below.Yellowtail

Trips online daily, and will be back out tomorrow!

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